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If you are looking for a powerful digital piano that can match the feel and power of an acoustic piano, then you can opt in for high-level ones. These are commonly priced around the thousand-dollar price range. However, not of them can promise an excellent tone and sound for everyone. Therefore, you need to make sure that you did your thorough research about the digital piano. Now, for this review, we are going to take a look at Yamaha’s YDP142R Arius Series.

Product Specifications

  • Graded Hammer Standard weighted action has a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, great for the aspiring pianist.
  • Meticulously sampled from Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand, the Pure CF Sound Engine provides the tone of a 9′ concert grand piano.
  • Continuous or half-damper pedal control allows continuously increasing amounts of note sustain, from slight to full, as you depress the sustain pedal.
  • Using a special design and position within the instrument, the Acoustic Optimizer physically adjusts the acoustical flow, which controls resonances and enriches the overall sound.
  • Use the built-in, 2-track song recorder to practice one hand at a time or capture that next top-10 hit single!

This digital piano comes with a bench and housing that’ll give you an excellent furniture in your house. This looks elegant and polished and the bench is comfortable. The 6W x two speakers sound excellent even when cranked up to high volumes. The pedal controls are excellent and they will allow you to have a high amount of note sustain ranging from different levels from slight to full sustain.

As for the package, it comes with assembly instruction and hardware. It also has the ability to connect to a USB port and it handles MIDI and computer connection. It also has a headphone jack but it won’t take standard 3.5mm and you’ll need a 6.5mm male to female audio adapter.

As for the keyboard itself, the keys or the weighed action isn’t great at all to the point that it’s detestable for its price. It’s springy and heavy and it doesn’t sound like a real piano at all. But don’t let that dismantle your high hopes because if you ignore that fact, it still has a beautiful tone and sound, though it’s not even close to the cheapest acoustic piano at all. In addition to that, a number of customers reported that there are frozen keys.

However, for a complete beginner who wants to learn, this digital piano is not that bad. The sound is still nice, and there are headphone jack to allow you play a private session.


  • Keys – 5
    • It’s far from advertised, it doesn’t have an excellent weighed action
  • Sound – 8
    • Beautiful tone and sound
  • Speakers – 7
    • Excellent speaker with good sound
  • Educational Value – 6
    • Good for complete beginners
  • Price – 5
    • Too pricey for a poor quality digital piano

The Verdict – Final Rating – 6.2

A poorly built digital piano for a price, if you want to get a complete beginner’s piano, there are dozens of other options at $200 price range.



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